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Hi, and welcome!
I have a few questions and suggestions. First, when you say clindamycin with dermabase do you mean the lotion? If not, then what is dermabase? Also, what is spectro like? I am using brevoxyl creamy wash. It has benzoyl peroxide 4% and glycolic acid. It's made for dry skin and I am very happy with it, but wonder about the one you use.
a comment about the milk in the meal replacement drinks, If you think your acne may be result of the milk, try slimfast soy protein. You use water instead. I use this, the chocolate flavor, and it's pretty good.
Just be sure to use cold water from the fridge. otherwise it's not as good.

Browse through all the old posts too, there is alot of good info on here. And feel free to post any questions or comments, theres always someone to answer or just talk to. Your never alone in your suffering.