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Ok, here's the story: as the regulars on this board know, I have had clear skin for awhile up until about a month and a half ago when I broke out pretty bad with a whole bunch of big cystic pimples and acne on my forehead. (while I was using Proactiv- which i suspect messed up my skin bad). After panicking and using Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, and Tea Tree oil, the cystic acne kinda went down and it's improved in the past 3 days. However, my skin dried a lot and and I put some Eucurin on it (moisturizer) Ive managed to the dryness under control too. NOW: i have a bunch of new bumps that appeared this morning onmy forehead, this time, not as red and a lot smaller, but there's a lot more of them. Is this a new type of acne/pimples or is this the same outbreak again? Is this pimples at all cause they sure look and feel different- and finally, all these little bumps turn into big pimples? These questions are kinda repetitive, but I just want to get a thorough answer... Anyone who knows anything about this or had a previous experience with this problem, please help.