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Can anyone inject( no pun intended) any info. on this. Was advised by Pm doctor that my back pain isn't derived from mechanical pain, but rather inflammation from a large amount of scar tissue from a prior Micro -d & from a disc thats torn all the way through , saying the acids from the nucleus polposus are inflamming the nerve. He said he wants to try a series of 3 ea. S1 transforaminal epidurals using Betamethasone. He said I could have pain for a few days after the injections but it should subside. Has anyone gone through these with any Luck ? Do they give you anything for pain prior to the procedure ? Oh ya, he did a leg/ knee/ ankle reflex test on me, everything responded fine, except the achillies ( back of my heals on both feet. He seemed stumped ? Dont know what thats all about. Thanks for any information ! :confused: