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I had my first injection done yesterday. Right S1 transforaminal epidural with betamethasone ( decendent of cotisone). Everything was done very proffessional, doctors & staff were great. They offered sedation, so I took it since I cant stand the though of needles in me. Oh btw all this is for continued back pain & slight legs residuals of numbness and major leg weakness. Had L-5 micro -d last July, I also have hern. L4-5 with grade 4 annular tear ( is where I think my back pain is generating from, but what to I know). Anyways PM dr. thinks alot of my probs are from inflammation around the S1 nerve and large amout of scar tissue from micro-d. Well I was relaxed on the table & coherent. One doc. was adminstering the needle & my doc. was like directing him where to go by looking on the X-ray screen. I felt slight pressure in low back & back of right thigh but it wasnt bad at all. They were unable to get the (steroid fluid up past the nerve thats inflammed. They got about 180 degress around it but couldnt penetrate in past it. I heard them trying a couple different approaches. He said the next one I do in 2 weeks he is going to try a "sandwhich" affect he thinks will be more successful. He said the intervertebral foramen where the nerve exits is narrowed making it tougher. I had pretty good back pain last night, but feeling much better today. Just have had an ongoing headache. Next time I go in, I am going to ask if I can watch on the x-ray screen. I didnt want to see at first, but since it wasnt that painful & the sedation seemed to make me more curious ...we'll see. sorry about the long post, and good luck to all.