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Is there any swelling beside the testicle like ropey veins? That would be a varicocele but I think that is unlikely at his age, mine started at puberty. This is unlikely to be related to his foreskin. If it was a tortioned testicle it would be very sore. My brother described that as like having been kicked there. So I think it is most likely that he has some sort of infection. There are several that cause pain in that area. I would be concerned about waiting till Tuesday, in case an infection gets worse and thus harder to treat.
When you say leaking issues do you mean urine or some sort of discharge from an infection?
Regarding his foreskin, please read my stretching instructions, a sticky near the top of the Mens Health board. They may be difficult to do on a young boy but if you read the whole thing it explains a lot about how the penis develops and may give you some ideas of what to do. Did anyone try and pull back his foreskin early on? Sometimes doctors and nurses try to do this and it can cause damage leading to this sort of problem. I would suggest asking the GP for some Betamethasone cream and seeing if you can get the opening to loosen in that 9 month waiting period. I know doctors in Australia prescribe that cream to young boys to try and avoid the need for surgery. Some boys can't retract till puberty so there really should be no need for surgery at this stage and you should take your time and pursue more conservative treatments to try and avoid that trauma for your son. Some friends of mine whose son was circumcised at three said it was fairly traumatic for all concerned.