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Dear Des11,
Please have a look at my stretching instructions, a sticky near the top of the men's health board. Although I don't expect you to use these on a boy your son's age, they do explain how the infant penis develops (the penis is formed as one organ and usually has to be forced away from the glans using forceps during infant circumcision) and how the natural adhesions break down (see the last two sections). You should also read about how betamethasone helps with stretching. Is that the cream the doctor gave you? As Tommy says it is very likely that these problems are due to somebody, possibly even a nurse or doctor trying to retract before the foreskin had separated naturally.
I would suggest that after all these antibiotics it is very likely he has a yeast or fungal infection. A cream to fix this sort of infection should be tried before circumcision is even considered. US doctors do have a reputation for using circumcision as a first-option treatment for any foreskin problem, rather than a last resort as in other countries. I have a god-daughter whose son was circumcised at about 3 years old. His grandfather said it was quite traumatic. I believe he stopped focusing on his penis and became more interested in mummy's breasts.
As for a "half-circumcision" it still removes the most nerve-rich part of the foreskin, the ridged band. But it does prevent painful erections from too tight a circumcision and leaves him with something to play with. (All males masturbate with what foreskin they have or they have to use lube. Removing it won't stop the urge though.) The adult foreskin is 15 square inches and it is very difficult to tell during infant or childhood circumcisions how much skin to leave. So it is better to err well on the safe side, if you circumcise at all, which has almost ceased where I live in Australia.
Hope that's some help,
Thanks so much for all the information! My sons infections does not seem to clear up with just the ointment he aways needs a oral antb and it has been month after month with these infections. The cream that was given to him by his Dr. was betamethasone but after only using it a short will i noticed some reddness so i stop using it. Can you suggest anything else??

I have been told by several docs that i should retract the skin just as far as it will go i have never felt comfortable with doing this but maybe this is why he is having all of these issuse's but i doubt it

The bethamethasone should only be used in a tiny smear on the tight bit only. It shouldn't make it red though. Perhaps another infection was starting rather than a reaction to the cream. It is the treatment of choice used here in Australia but it won't do anything unless the boy is pulling on it and thus stretching. I think you should try and retract GENTLY only as far as it will go (or can you get him to pull back at all himself) and rinse with plain clear water only (any soap residue can cause irritation)but you probably won't be able to do this now it's red and sore. I remember visiting some close friends and their 2 year old boy was in the bath. He told me his penis was sore. It turned out he meant it had been sore but his mother freaked a little and asked him to wash like the doctor had told him. He did it perfectly straight away. So it is possible to teach a young boy to wash himself. He's now thirteen and everything is fine. The oral antibiotic working does point to a bacterial infection but antibiotics often induce fungal or yeast infections which can be treated with the same sorts of creams that women use for such infections. (I'm sure you'd be horrified if surgery was suggested to cure such an infection in a female.)
Normally boys only start to have the natural adhesions break down at about three, rarely earlier and often not till much later, even puberty. Until then there is no cavity for germs to collect in, it's fused as tightly as a fingernail to a finger, so there is no earthly reason to try and retract and wash. The boy naturally pulls on his foreskin and this helps break down the adhesions. The boy himself should be the first one to retract. Anyone else forcing it back can rip and damage those natural adhesions and the raw surfaces can scar and/or rejoin forming skin bridges, much as often happens between the newly exposed raw glans and the cut edges of foreskin when infants are healing from circumcision. Ripping it back also creates a place where infections can happen where there was none before. Maybe the baby oil helped stop new adhesions happening in your husband's and brothers' cases but it is a very dangerous thing to do. So yes she is crazy :D . Is there a possiblity that she did this when minding him at any time? Normally a boy shouldn't have these sorts of problems
Perhaps this infection can be cleared up once again with the oral antibiotics. I think they'd have to do that before surgery anyway. Ask about the possibility of fungal or yeast infections and whether you can try an antifungal cream at the same time or just use it after you clear up the bacterial problem. Then start getting him to retract as far as he can (or if he won't, you try gently to show him what to do) and rinse with clear water. If he can pull it back all the way so much the better. If he can't get it far, or if you can't, I'd try the betamethasone but use a tiny amount on just the tight part as you or he retract as far as possible. The regular trying to retract should fix the problem. If there wasn't an infection it should be left alone but because they are happening regularly there must be a cavity, so some stretching needs to happen.
I hope you can resolve this without the need for surgery. That should only be a last resort. If I can help further don't hesitate to ask,
I asked on another board about your problem. The guy who knows a lot more that I do says it is most likely a soap irritation, perhaps even from just sitting in the bath. Definitely don't use soap directly on his foreskin or near the opening. He also warns particularly about bubble bath as I already said. It may be better to have showers with you or his daddy or big brother.
He thinks just zinc cream is the best treatment, it's mildly antiseptic and will protect the glans and foreskin, helping the sorest bit to heal, hopefully. Just retract as far as he is comfortable with and apply the cream.
He thinks you are right about the Betamethasone and that it should be avoided if there is any sign of infection. I still think monostat or something similar is worth trying,