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Morning Hippies! Well there goes my Bextra; again!! :( This was the only medication that really took care of my stiffness and pain. I guess I'll have to call today and get a replacement drug. My friend takes Mobic and swears by it. She also said it goes to work "quicker" than most do. What do you guys take if anything for stiffness or aches? See I still have osteo in my other hip, hands and knees. While the knees are no where near the replcement stage, the Bextra really made me feel 20 again. Well, maybe 40. :D I'll be 55 in June. :cool:

On a positive side I saw a news program the other night and they showed this new proceedure for hip paitents. We NOW have a proceedure similiar to the proceedure done for knee paitents when the knee needs "cleaning up", ie. torn miniscus (spelling), ligament, etc. It by no means replaces a THR, but adds a little life to your natrual joint. Not all Dr.s are performing this yet, but I'm sure it'll be up to speed soon. It immediately caught my eye since my other hip is starting to bother me more than usual.

Well hippies...have a great day. We have rain this morning and then the sun is suppose to come out. I sure hope so I have new glasses I need to take back for readjustment. They're those progressive lenses and I can't see the computer with them. I have to sit on a pillow and tilt my chin and nose way up in the air! Bye all!!
HI hippie friends.....I took Bextra for about 5 wks last summer and it didn't work for me. When I had taken Celebrex earlier, it always worked, but in more recent times there was nothing that helped me. Now after surgery I sometimes take Aleve. I guess it helps a little.

I am going to the dr on Wed., I have to think of questions for him...always remember what I want to say when I get home. I even make a list and still forget..haha...Well, Mrs. Linda we are the same age...I am also 55...but will be 56 in May...(boohoo)

I am happy...feel like I am getting a real workout at the gym. Of course, not doing nearly what I did before, but I am getting there...and with no pain. Before the surgery I would go to the gym...there were 2 big flights of steps to get to room with elliptical, etc...I would stand there and want to cry...I froze my membership starting a month before the surgery...just couldn't do the steps without extreme pain.

OK...hope you hear from all you hippies soon.
Boy oh boy!!! I'm off the board a few days and it's multiplied!!!!! Welcome to all our new "hippie" friends! This is great!!!!

Colinsmom - I ran a low grade temp!! Totally forgot until you mentioned it!! I would be fine in the mornings and then around the late afternoon early evening it would go up. Never quite went above 100 if I remember, then as quick as it started it just stopped! I did keep track each day so I could let the Dr. know.

PirouetteGirl - I've been taken off Bextra and the Dr. has prescribed Mobic. I got samples and it's not bad. Actually works a little quicker than the Bextra in my opinion. Bextra would take a few days before I'd feel the results. Mobic seems to work instantly. Even though I had the THR in August of the left hip the right hip is quickly going downhill :eek: so I need "drugs" occasionally. But unfortunately I still have to have this drug "pre authorized" by the Dr. before the insurance co. will pay.

wigs - how about a comode? This was great for the nights and then when I could get around better, I slipped it over the regular toilet. I HATED that raised seat my DH picked up. I told DH the other day to toss that seat and when I have to get the other hip done we'll use the comode. If this was already suggested I appologize. I'm just a little late in reading all these great posts!!

I'm so behind in the post I forgot who asked this but - with regards to flexibility. I was never the flexible type to begin with. Never could sit cross leged on the floor!! :eek: However I can bend and touch my toes, I can put my socks on. I can sit in the tub, get on the floor. But remember....while you can do all of these great things you still have to be careful in getting out of that tub and off of that floor. When I'm on the floor I actually roll over onto my knees and grab something and kinda push up with the good leg and pull up with my arms.

And why the special soap??? I was never told to wash special?

Well I see that I can't let a day go by without stopping by or I miss so much!!!! See you all later....
Morning Hippy Friends!!

Good to see everyone!

hip2it - oh the dreaded "bursitis". Would you believe I had developed that around the new joint from all the PT and exercises I was doing. I went back on my good ole Bextra and within a few weeks it was gone. Glad that's only what it was for you, but you too have to take it easy.

legtoolong - you can't push yourself to that point of exhaustion and pain. I'm almost 9 months out and I still can overdo it if I'm not careful. Please take it easy....things will get done. Oh and I think wigs had only one hip done; ripanco is going in for two. Or do I have it reversed?????

balleteach - our weather is starting to just get nice. Today however we're promised rain and tomorrow too!

wigs - how are you feeling kiddo???

I have to ask you all something....most of you didn't seem to have any pain at the site of the incision. That's where all of my pain actually was, from the cutting and pulling of all those muscles and tendons. Did anyone have pain there?? I'm really going to try and research that new THR where the incision is about 3" instead of the conventional cut which I have.

Well time to hit Home Depot. We have a new stove coming Tuesday and now that we have free access to the wall that's behind the stove I want to paint. You all should have seen (well mabye not) the mess when we pulled the old one out. That stove hadn't been moved in almost 40 years!!! :eek: In those days they didn't move out. This new one will allow me to move it for cleaning. This apartment was my MIL and FIL's so the stove was from when they lived here. It worked perfectly fine up until this past year and I said "time for a new one".

Have a great weekend...
FadedSun - well I use to take Bextra and we all know what happened to that. :nono: I had WONDERFUL results with that drug. Now, I take Mobic. I take 7.5 mg daily. If I really have a bad day I can take 2 in the morning. But so far the 1 helps. I find that this drug is faster acting than the Bextra was. I'll take the med's for about 5 days then I stop. Usually that's long enough for the inflamation to disappear.

Are you sure the pain you are suffering from is sciatic and not hip related? Sharp pain down the front of the thigh is typical of hip problems.

Mrs. Linda, Ripanco, Ken and balleteach;

Thanks for your rapid responses and your information.

This afternoon, I let my supervisor know that the two weeks was an ambitious return time and that I may need some additional time. He said that it was my hip be replaced and not my mind so they would hunt me down at the house if they needed me. I think this was his way of implying that I could work at home if it took more than a couple of weeks. I’ve worked from home periodically (to meet deadlines in the past) so this is easily doable. Ripanco also suggested this and I spent a few hours today making sure I could access all the necessary work resources via my laptop (in bed) so I’m good on the connectivity aspect. Not sure how good my concentration will be if I'm in more pain than I'm in now (at least it'll be temporary). But like most of the posters on the board, I've been through as much medicine as I ever want to take (vicodins, lorcet, ultracet, vioxx, bextra, celebrex, mobic). Between the pain and narcotics I felt my work was getting a little sloppy and much too inefficient so that's why I decided to cease putting off the surgery.

Ballateach. I'm going directly home, I'm married and my folks live only a few miles away so I have an excellent social support system. Frankly, my main worry at this point is getting hepatitis or hiv from the blood transfussion. I inquired about banking at my preop appointment last week but they said two weeks was cutting it too close to bank blood. Is a blood transfusion always a given for hip replacements?

I Need to set up a few more things prior to surgery (rails, toilet, etc.) so I’ve gotta go.

I’ll let y’all know how things go/went.

Take care and god bless.