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Hi AlienB - Well as far as anti-inflamatories go I have Mobic that works pretty good for me. I use to take Bextra and that worked really well for me. Unfortunately it's off the market now. I'm on a "as needed basis" for a couple of reasons. First my right hip is slowly deteriorating. It's not ready for replacement however. And secondly, sometimes the "new" hip aches. I developed bursitis in the new hip also and when that flares up I'll take something. I'll only take the prescription stregnth if the Advil doesn't help. But thankfully, I don't need to take anything daily anymore. However when I do have to take them I usually take them for 5 days and then stop to see how I'm doing. Usually that's enough. Do you have any in the house or that he Dr. prescribed?

Your pain; you said it varies? Does it hurt to walk? How about going up and down stairs? I'm curious...