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The pain medication will eventually stop working..i went through the otc ones , also celebrex and bextra...all worked in the beginning and that it got to a point when nothing worked. You are all right, it will effect your quality of life. I saw what happened when my mom put it off...so when I had these problems I got to the point where I just didnt want to wait. I thought why put it off when it will only get worse and worse. I was in so much pain, walked in pain with a limp, and was feeling depressed about it. I made the appt, was so scared, but in the end was so happy I didn't wait any longer. You will know when it's time to do it...when you start to feel this way, just do it...don't keep putting it off. YOu will be happy when you see that the horrible pain will be gone and you can get on with your life.
I just turned 50 and I had left THR in June 05 and right side THR in June 06. I am thrilled with the results. My pain before the surgery was getting unbearable and was definitely affecting the quality of my life. I was taking Bextra along with 2 arthritis strength Tylenol to get me through a day at work and it still didn't stop my pain. Go for the surgery. I have had excellent results. Now, I walk without limping and take NO pain meds. My recovery was very uneventful and this last surgery, I was walking without any assistance at all (my cane) after about 3 weeks. It's great. Don't let horror stories about the recuperation period scare you away. It's not that bad and to be pain free is super!