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[QUOTE=marian100;2885637]i have bursitis in my left hip area. i have read up on this and wonder what i can do for exercise. i walk on the treadmill at the gym and that aggravates it. i use ice and stretching and ibuprofen but it seems to flair up all the time now. any suggestions would be appreciated. God bless:angel:
Hi, I get bursitis in my hip as well (following THR in Oct. 2003) It seems the more I use it, the more I get bursitis. I have had it so bad my entire leg swelled up (apparently the bursa was pressing on my artery) That was resolved by an outpatient procedure called "computer guided floroscopy" (I think) where they take a fluid sample(to look for bacteria) from the hip capsule and then injected some kind of steroid directly into the capsule. Along with oral steroid RX, it did get better. The bursitis does come back, but now I recognize the signs and if I deal with it early enough, it does get better. These steps have helped me...so far!
1. REST!!! REST!!! REST!!!
2. Hot shower beating on the hip.
3. antiiflamatory meds (whatever you take for arthritis...I was on Bextra, which was great, but it is off the market, so now I take Mobic (both are Rx's) some people do well on obver the counter meds like Advil
4. buy some of those little 8 hour disposable hotpads, they come 3 in a pack.....really cheap....and work great....be creative and put it on your exact hip pain area any way you can. I had a PT friend say that you can alternate between ice and heat every 20 minutes....so far just heat has worked well for me. I wear the 8 hr thing for 8 hours! Godd luck, let me know if this helps?