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A friend of mine was just diagnosed with MAC (Mycobacterium Avium Complex). She doesn't have AIDS, and has no idea where she may have gotten it. The doctors are going to start her on three very strong meds, and I was wonder if anyone else is or has gone through this and could give me some info on it. Thanks!

Hi, I am a 64 year old woman and I have been diagnosed with MAC. I do not have AIDS either. I have been on the antibiotic, Biaxin, and a Tuberculosis medicine, Ethambutol, since last July. My Dr. wants to keep me on them at least a year. From what I have read, you have to stay on those medicines forever. I have never had my immune system checked but I would like to. I also have bronchiactisis and my doctor mentioned this week that my bronchiactisis might have been what caused me to get MAC. My symptom was a dry cough mostly at night and once in awhile I would cough up a granular substance. That granular substance was one of the 3(told me I had three) bacteria in the lungs. I have my blood checked every two months to make sure the medicine is not hurting my liver. Now every night when I get in bed, the infectious stuff produced by the bronchiactisis comes up in my throat and seems to be getting worse. I would really like to know how your friend handles the medicine that she will be taking and best of luck to her!