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My sympathies to everyone suffering with this odor issue. I also think stress, causes the problem to worsen**and who could help but be stressed when you are so worried about the odor!

I have a few suggestions, I hope maybe something will help. First, I have heard of a treatment for excessive sweating using botox injections. The report I saw on a TV news program was very promising. I'm not sure what kind of Dr. would perform these injections. Maybe you can find something about it on the internet. Also, when I experienced an odor problem in the past I took zinc (mineral pills) orally, I'm not sure of the mg. but you can experiment and see if that helps with the odor. It was not an excessive dosage. It will not decrease the wetness but will help with the odor. Also, you might want to add something in the wash like Lemon scented Mr. Clean to be sure you are getting the odor out of your clothes.

The major thing is to be sure this is not related to some underlying health issue that needs to be treated.

I wish you all a pleasant smelling future.