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Nikkir- I know how painful this condition is. Was the specialist a gastroenterologist? That's the kind of doctor I would go to. (They are all surgeons, but are trained to deal with anal disorders from polyps to hemorrhoids to fissures etc.)

Topical cortisone applied too often or over time can break down tissue even more (it thins the skin), so if you are using over-the counter stuff, (or have been usuing it a long time) I would stop immediately. I suffered from excema on my hands and a big muckity- muck fancy Beverly Hills dermatologist prescribed steroid ointments and insisted I continue using them for TOO LONG, and I got worse.Because the skin was thinning, my hands started to fissure and crack and bleed and then subsequently became open to all kinds of infection to the point where I was hypersensitive to everything that was given to put on them.

Whenever a doctor recommends surgery always get a second opinion from someone not affiliated in any way with the first doctor. If doctor #1 wasn't a gastro person, it would be wise to find one.

Some of the treatments for anal fissures are:
* Stool softeners
* Dietary adjustment (addition of bulk -- substances that absorb water while in the intestinal tract)
* Cleansing more gently
* Petroleum jelly
* Sitz bath
* Anesthetic ointment, if pain interferes with normal bowel movement
* Topical muscle relaxants

These measures generally heal more than 90% of anal fisssures.

A previous poster mentioned BOTOX injection into the anal sphincter, which temporarily paralyzes the anal sphincter muscle and promotes healing. Another option for nonhealing fissures is the surgicial procedure to relax the sphincter.
In your case, it appears that the fissures have become chronic....If all the above measures haven't helped,(or haven't been tried yet) definitely get a second opinion about other treatment options before you consider surgery. There are always risks related to any surgical procedure, but this surgery can be very successful.

zuzu xx

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