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Don't worry about the CT Scan. When I had mine done, I was all paranoid, and refused to look at the technician, etc. A few days later, I got the results, and it confirmed a bacterial infection in my sinuses. Everything changed after that. I was put on the correct medications, and the doctors took me seriously.

Again, don't worry. They're not looking for cancer. The only thing they want to see, is if bacteria has lodged in your sinuses, or if structural problems with you nose are causing a blockage. Your ENT will get the full picture and know what to do.

I'm just like you, I worry all the time. I've had eye spasms for about a month (in addition to everything else). So I'm thinking "great, now I'm going blind!" So I go to my Opthamologist and she says "it's nothing, just annoying. I can inject some Botox in there to stop it if you want." After that appointment, the spasms have gone down 50% -why? Because I STOPPED WORRYING ABOUT IT!

By the way, maybe I can help you with your computer problem. What's going on?