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[INDENT]Seyzna, I have this excessive forehead sweating also. It only happens when I am hot though, and I sweat excessively in general. My problem is that I wear glasses and unless I constantly mop my forehead, the sweat gets into my eyes, and burns like heck. I cannot wear contacts because of very bad astigmatism.[/INDENT][INDENT]I have read that Botox injections help this a lot, but only last a few months, and is expensive.[/INDENT]
I also sweat but just my head area which is also very embarrasing. I to have that Hyperhidrosis but so far have not taken botox as they suggest.
And that is all I know of that helps with this.
I feel like I am ill or something when everyone else is standing there nice and comfty and I have sweat dripping down my forehead and neck like I am ill.
Very embarrasing to deal with but apparently becoming more known about the last few years.
I wear my hair up all the time and carry kleenex everyplace to help absorb.
There are sites about this under the name of Hyperhidrosis which you can look up. They tell you about it and where doctors are in your area. But so far I haven't heard of anything that helps. Move to Alaska where it is cold but I can't do that! (drat) Any ideas I would love to hear also.
Sorry for all of us who have this, it is simple but it is quite an embarrasment and uncomfortable situation to have.
I have had very heavy, beyond belief sweating from my head, forehead and neck for the last35+ years....forget napkins, i carry washcloths,hankerchiefs, small and large towels everywhere i go....tried therapy, meds (no botox yet), no relief...everyone, including all medical people attribute it to "nerves"....i'm not at all-this happens when i am alone, sleeping,hot weather, below zero weather-though it is worse in the heat..i am always hot!!!!this affects every aspect of my life- i have missed weddings, kids schoolplays, career opportunities, so many important things.....it is truly the biggest problem i have or had...people cant understand either....i always (yes, right now) have a fan blowing on me to help
Hey Quid
I had to laugh at your "forget napkins" I also carry washcloths in my car I just didn't want to say that. You made me laugh about it anyway.
Yes, I also have said no to a lot of things because I knew I would be too embarrased.
I live in Fl so it is always hot and I have the ac on and fans in every room and still hot!
I never heard it was nerves because I didn't have this all my life (Thank God)and I didn't use to take any meds but I had it. What ever causes it I am glad I got it later and not sooner.
I would love to hear what meds people took for this, my Doc never suggested any meds for this and and on the web site they don't mention meds just the botox which I wouldn't do.: