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I need to know if Botox can cause incontinece before i consent to having this done. Has anyone had this injection for rectal pain. Please, if you had, let me know how you did and if any, side affects. It just sounds so scary- and yet, I really do need some relief as well--- M
I don't know very much about it??? Botox is a poison ---and just the idea of doing it WOW---would sure take alot to convince Me??

But, if you're in alot of discomfort --- I know you're ready to try anything. As I understand Botox Injections ---I don't think they are peremanent but you have to get repeated every 2 months or so??? Is that Right?

My sister gets Botox injections in her eyelids to keep them from being inflammed and blinking---she has to get the treatment repeated every two months because it wears off. It's also an expensive treatment. She has been getting these injections for over 10 years.
She says it's not painful and it solves her problem for 2months!!!


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I use botox for headaches and muscle pains. I have had it done 3 times. Every time i go in for treatments my doctor tells me all the new uses they have found for botox. He says they now can use it on acid reflux in the stomach. Ask your doctor a lot of questions before you do it. All doctors can give botox and they make a lot of money from it. Make sure he is doing it to help you and not help himself. If the doctor knows how to correctly give it, it can be a help to a lot of people. My doctor uses the smallest needle available and he also changes needles after a few shots because he said they get dull quick. the shots only sting a little. good Luck