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Your story sounds similar to mine. i have had RSD for 3 years now and its in my rigth foot, and like yours mine is frozen and locked at an 90 degree angle aslo. i havent been able to wiggle my toes in about 3 years eithere and i can only walk or stand on the out side of my foot because the rest of the foot is up in the air. I havent met someone that also has the inversion of the foot so its cool that i met you but then again i wish we didnt have to meet this way, ya know. Do you live in Australia?? I have 2 stims implanted in me and they still dont wrk and my doc's running outof options, but he is suggesting Botox injections in to my foot. There is a pattient in his practice tht is doing this next week and if it helps her then i probably will do it also. Its only a 3 mos treatment and then you have to have it done again, but if it helps...?? I have also asked to have it cut off many many many times nad my doc said it wouldnt help me and that if i did ave to have it amputated then the RSD would still be there and would go to the stump site and i wouldnt be able to wear the prosthetic because it wold be to sensitive like my foot is now. But i have to say, because my foot is so bad and the osteoporosis is so bad that my doc did say that god for bid that i break something in my foot, that there would be no way to fix it or even heal or heal right, so it would have to come off. sooo.... ???? Ask your doc about the Botox and i will let you know next week when my doc calls me about how the other girl did. I konw how it feels to walk all funny and it is very difficult to walk with this. I can only make it through 1/2 a store and thats pushing myself.. I have pics , just wish i could show ya them...

Hope to talk to you soon!!

Thanks Amber.... I'll certainly ask the Dr about the botox when I see him next.