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If doctors cannot find an underlying cause (have they ruled out "hidden" esophogeal or gastro problems as well?) and the drugs you are taking seem to be losing efficacy, has anyone discussed the option of BOTOX therapy?

A local injection of botulinum toxin type A into the salivary glands often proves to be an effective therapy for this.
The effect though, only lasts for approximately 3 months. And then you would have to go again for repeat injections.

It's worth talking to your doctor(s) about this.

Surgical intervention is as Emilysgk said, is also an option but I would think one of last resort.
By the way, have they ruled out drug side effects as a cause? Or have you had chemotherapy and/or radiation at all? I know a woman who went thru chemo and suffered for over a year with hypersalivation well after the chemo was over.

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& many thanks to you both for reading & posting,
the surgery has been discussed by my Maxillo Facial surgeon, he was of the opinion that due to the many ducts that enter the mouth finding the problem was quite difficult ,he added that the opposite could happen with an overly dry mouth , Botox was not discussed , I live in Australia & we might not be using it as much as ,say the USA ,but I will ask my doctor.
I have not had any chemo or radiation .
I have used Rivotril[2mg a day] for 15 yrs, with no problem whats so ever .
I have thought perhaps it could be the culprit , & have reduced down to stop all together , I have been on 1/2 [1mg] for 6 weeks now with no sign of any change , Rivotril is a drug that you have to come off slowly ,this week I will move to .5mg , But I dont think this will alter things as by what I have reduced already ---any way maybe it could take a tiny amount of it to cause my problem, but then again I have used for 15 yrs with no ill side effects......
as you know swallowing is the same as blinking [or should be] your doing it but not conscious of doing it,
I wish that so much I could be that way ,
thank you so much for replying, it means a lot to me :angel: