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I've had 2 epidurals with no relief, and PT caused more pain, I have really bad leg pain, cramps, weakness, tingling and numbness. the PA suggested a botox injection in my butt to help with leg pain. anyone heard of this or tried it? he also gave me a surgeon's name to talk to as well. so if you heard of botox injection..please let me know
Strangely enough I have heard of botox for nerve pain, but have not had it. A neuro/migrain specialist I was seeing for the migraines which increased with my back problems, suggested I might consider an injection of botox when I was having bad sciatic pain. Unfortunately, things got worse quickly and I had to have surgery, so cannot tell you more about botox.

Let us know how it works for you if you have the injections.
Well, my first pm gave me botox injections in the left buttock to try and quiet the pain. I was NOT having spasms though. It did nothing for me, but Ihave heard it helps when you have spasms. Good luck...and let us know if you get relief.