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My dad (77 yrs old) has had them for a couple of years. He got them because he had the hiccups for a few weeks straight. He had them removed once and they came back. Had them removed a second time and now is waiting to go back to the doctor to see if they returned. He also had botox injected on the vocal cords after the last removal of nodules. This kept him from speaking for a couple of weeks to allow them to rest. The nodules also cause him to choke when eating. Very aggravating condition for him. The doctor told him to go to a speech therapist to learn different techniques on how to speak w/o aggravating them more, but he didn't seem to think it helped much and was a waste of time and money. The doctor did say to try not to speak very much which you know is hard to do. Has you doctor recommended removing the nodules? Wish I could give advise, but not sure what is the best treatment. Good luck!