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Hi all,

I don't really know where to begin. I have hyperhidrosis but somehow I managed to live without it affecting me too much until recently.

When it started, I was having it on my palms and feet. Then, it appeared under my armpits, but by using Drysol I still managed it. It was like this for 2 years I think.

Now I'm getting worried because I'm sweating in my legs and my back. It usually happen when I'm outside and in the sun. It starts in less than 10 minutes and usually go away shortly after but the damage is done already. Also, when I sit, my buttocks always sweat. Sometimes, even my back will start sweating. I also sweat during my sleep. Once, I wake up and was all wet... it freaked me out.

I've read that botox is very good in treating hyperhidrosis. But when I read, they always refer to the palms and armpits. So I wonder if botox can be used for legs and the back as in my case? Also, they say that one of the side effect is a weakening in muscle. What does that mean exactly? You don't feel the muscles any more or like you can't make any physical activities?

Thanks feelbad for answering, it felt good to read your post :p

I did consider the surgery but after reading about the side effects and people who had it done, I decided that it was not worth it. Especially, that in 80% of the patients the sweating just goes to another area.

I did see a doctor a long time ago, but he didn't took it seriously and said "it's normal, everybody sweats" and prescribed me Drisol. After reading your post, I decided I will go and see another doctor.

I don't know about you, but I am a very stressed person. Since you developed hyperhidrosis after your surgery (feels like a bomb expolising in your face), I don't know why I have this disease but I think it's stress. Anyone having hyperhidrosis, do you recognise yourself as being stress? But, I find it's a weird kind of stress. Lets me try to explain it. From the outside, I look alright. I don't shake or anything but I feel like a buring inside of me. I ca n work under stressful situations without problems. I think my stress is more social, like when I am around strangers I always feels bad. But when I around people I know, I feel like that. I also realized that I start sweating a couple of minutes before or during the first minutes of the encounter.

I will talk with my doctor what I can do about my stress, and ask him if he knows a specialits in hyperhidrosis.

Some questions about you. Does it affect your entire left side of the body, or only on the common areas. Plus, did the sweating ever got better, worst or always was the same?

I'm still hoping someone can answer my initial question if botox can be injected to large areas of the body?

Yes it does affect the entire L side and also the R but only from just below the R breast and up.But it then stops at the face.(i also have what is called horners syndrome(also caused by SI)I have one pupil that is affected and the loss of sweating on that side of my face)i actually have to keep a stack of towels next to my bed that I change regularly when I have to get up at least twice during the night to go to the bathroom(my bladder was also affected).I have heard some good things regarding the botox injections for sweating.i have been looking into it for use on my very spastic legs.There is alot of info out there on the wonders of botox,i have found some really good sites but unfortunetly the rules of this board prohibit me from placing them here.But they are pretty easy to find.i hope you can find something that will help with your sweating, be it botox or something else.This constant swaeting just sucks.i really do think that in some people their sweating can be caused by stress or make a bad situation worse.It wouls also be something to look into.Good luck,FB