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Well, I'm glad the test went good......what was the plan of action for you? Did he say anything about Botox.....its been pretty good here this weekend....i'm just stretching and hoping that something good comes of it....I have some intense pain periods, but other than that it's the same ole same ole......hope you have a good plan for getting some therapy.....
This dr said that he doesn't think there is anything that can be done about the nerve damage or muscle loss. He said that my hip, which also hurts alot, is currently in good shape. Pain there is from nerve that goes thru hip. Try not to overdo thinks, lifting, walking, sitting..etc.

This dr also asked if I get or applied for ss,(never had a Dr ask about that before) I stated that I am waiting for an answer from them and he just said 'good'. He also signed application for a permanent handicap parking permit,and said he'd help w/ any perscriptions I need in future.

I'm seeing another surgeon at the end of this month(my chiro made this appt for me) for a 2nd opinion. I've decided to stay away from both needles & surgery if possible, am going to inquire about a support belt for the SI joint. Have you ever tried one? I read you wear it about 3-4 inches below your waist and it limits movement of joint, hopefully reducing pain!

No one has ever suggested Botox.