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HI JellyRJFan,
This is my first post on this site. I just found it today. I read your post and am terrified. What do you mean "the decline we all hear about"?????????? I have not heard anything about this! What are you talking about?
My son is almost 5 and he has CP but don't know what version, as I read these posts, I am very confused. He has had botox in each leg once, and has braces on both legs, and walks with a forearm crutch. His CP is from his waist down only. But, what "decline" are you referring to?
thanks in advance for getting back to me!
hey connersmummy just a quick message my son is now 5 and he has mild form to they did serial casting to help with getting him flat and they did two rounds of botox and the second round they did casting with it.....there is a lot of time and pysio trough this but his gate is doing a little better but they now want to do a surgery called selective dorsal rhizotomy to releave some of the spasticity....but he is a very bright outgoing child and my best advice is to not stop him for doing things though because my little one has a lot of determination and will keep trying till he can..he does wear braces on both of his legs to get him flat and they do slow him down but only a little bit.....juat check out your options and go with what you feel is right...good luck...