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Hi Sherry,

I think we've talked before, My son Seth is about 28 monhts now. I don't notice startle too much anymore. Every now and then when we rock at night, if he's done hippo that night or is super tired, he does something sort of like it where his legs kind of kick out seemingly involuntarily but I don't notice his arms. What Seth does have (and its temporarily toned down right now because he had Botox in June) is the clonus reflex, especially in his left foot. (the shaking in his foot, like bouncing). It was making his left heel cord feel even more tight and it was hard to get his afo's on.. Anyway.. this was a good question. I was curious too how it evolves or doesn't as a person gets older. Sounds like its different for each person.

I hope your son is doing well and you are getting more support! Let me know!
Laurie (mom to Seth, also spastic dipeligia in his legs - starting to walk independently!!!)