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To Freestyles:

I was SO glad to see your posting. Way back when my son was 5-6 months old & the doctor's in the small town where I live (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario) kept telling me to go home he had colic, stop feeding him to much, blah blah blah, me & my husband finally got so fed up, we just jumped in our truck with our infant & drove 8 hours to Toronto Hospital just for children, you know what hospital I mean, & we just showed up in their emergency department. They took one look at him & had 10 doctor's in the room examining him within 1 hour. They definitely said his screaming was not normal colic & they admintted him for 1 week, where they did a series of routine tests on him. They we VERY VERY shocked to find a spot of brain damage from the CT scan because he really didn't show any signs or physical signs of CP, etc.., except he was stiff. But because they determined he had cronic reflux, which also causes them to go stiff, they couldn't believe the CT results. All of his doctor's from the Hospital in Toronto were WONDERFUL!!! What a place, Canada should be SO proud to have such a World Renoun hospital. I STILL talk to everyone (Dr.s, Therapists, Nurses, etc..) on a regular basis & they still want to know how Scotty is doing, pictures, what they are doing with him here & definitely follow him from down there. In all honesty, they are & will always be a part of my son's childhood & when he is older, I will always talk about them to him & make sure he KNOWS how much they cared about him, worried about him, & took such WONDERFUL care of him. I recieved an e-mail from his therapist from Toronto's Hospital & she told me that everyone still talks about Scotty & me & that they still talk about what a GREAT advocate I was & how I wouldn't stop until someone did something & how lucky Scotty was to have someone fighting for him & advocating for him all the time. It REALLY made me feel very proud, especially coming from such highly qualified physicians & therapist. My son is doing SO WELL. We just finished his appointment with his Orthopedic surgeon from Toronto 2 weeks ago & he doesn't think he will need any surgery, he doesn't need botox (he said maybe much later) & he thinks the physio therapy will do it for him. He may need braces (hinged at the heel) when he is about 2. I thought that was the BEST news that I could possibly get, considering the situation. I am VERY fortunate that I had the best doctor's taking care of my son & following up on him on a regular basis. I go to Toronto every 3 months to see his doctor's & therapists. The Rehab centre in my town only sees him once a week for physio, which I mentioned, I know that's not enough, but now I have him in private physio therapy also, which he goes 3 times a week, which has made a world of difference, because now including his therapy with The Rehab centre, he gets therapy a total of 4 times a week with actual physio therapist. I also consult with 2 neurologists from Florida on a regular basis, I like to look into different options for my son & I did find the US does have many other treatments available. There is a therapy program available down there that me & my husband are very interested in. Its a 3 week program, 5 days a week with 4 hours of therapy per day. I feel my son is too young to handle such intense therapy right now, but me & my husband both agreed that if he isn't walking by 2 1/2-3 years, me & my son are going to move down there for a month & do this program. It's very expensive ($12,000 Canadian - $8,000 US) & we really can't afford, but I don't care I will FIND the money. If I didn't try it, I would ALWAYS have to wonder. I was SO glad to hear from you & you are very inspiring, especially because you are living proof of how hard work & dedication can truly pay off. Your parents must be really special people & really love you. My hat goes off to your parents & of course you, after all you are the one doing the physical hard work!!!! Hope to hear from you soon.