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In a way it is a gamble either way you look at it. I just did what my drs instructed me to do. I needed relief and if that helped then great, if not then I move on to the next treatment. The ones I had in my lumbar spine never did really help, but I think so much depends on the severity of the injury. If you have just a small herniation it may just be enough to help. For me, I had bulges and severe DDD nothing but surgery was really going to help. The injections I had in my cervical spine went very well, again there was just a small herniation there. There is no guarantee with anything-I guess it depends on if you want to just try. Make sure that you have it done under an xray-and if you need something to help you relax all the better. Good luck. This time around we are doing botox for my neck pain, but we'll see.