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glad I was able to help a little and glad to hear your dr is caring about your pain. I had to move from Nevada to MO about three months post op and went to a new dr. I had pain meds when I left then got them from my primary dr who gave me 10/325 percs 120count. I still have them and that was filled in June. Right now I break them into fourths to just give me enough relief if tylenol doesn't do it (or motrin or aleve). It is saddening that I still need the percs but atleast I don't use them that often. Actually, sciatica is what I suffer from and some aching but my neck is the real issue now. I am having botox the 16 of December so that should help. I really try and use the tylenol now. I am one year post op the 15 of december.
I am wishing they didn't go through my tummy though-It is still a bit poochy!