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not long ago I made statements of how I would not see a chiropractor again, and now I am contemplating seeing one. My lumbar spine is fine, fusing well, though not fully healed. It has been one year and one month since surgery. Anyway, a while ago I was having some real problems with my feet, knees and other areas, especially a vertebrae on my thoracic spine. It was sore and slightly raised. Well, a DO at work (dr of osteopathy) examined me and said my muscles were just all knotted up. From my feet to my head. he would press on certain areas, ask if they hurt, and they did, then pull on me a little, or push. not twisting by any means. Anyway, for example, there was an area on my ribs that HURT when pressed on and after he'd do whatever he did, it didn't hurt anymore. These areas also included my pelvic bone, breast bone and lower back. The next day, my groin and leg muscles were a bit sore, but i felt so much better. I had also been having si problems. For the last month and 1/2 I have felt great! Well, now it is all coming back. That spot on my spine is hurting again, my feet are hurting again and my ribs and breast bone. I apply gentle pressure and it shouldn't hurt in those places and it does. Well, I can't keep seeing this dr bc I work with him and he is a resident, so I need to find another place. I have now thought of seeing what a chiro can do, since it is muscular mostly. If I can find a DO in town I would see him or her, but I don't know that seeing a DR is good every few weeks, where as with a chiro, ins may cover no problem. we'll have to see.
Oh, remember I got botox in my neck and shoulders? well, it didn'treally do much,sorry to say.
Hi :) My mil has fibro and we both have agreed I don't have it. I don't fatigue like she does, atleast, not in the same way, but that was a few years ago that we discussed it. Could I get it after a while, like after a major surgery or is this simply chronic pain? See, I felt better after the muscles were de-knotted. That is all I want, someone to keep doing that, and maybe even do accupuncture and massage (my mil gets both weekly). I do get tired now after just four hours of being up and around, but more like SHOPPING or walking around, not just being up. Though, the past two days since I went back to school and have been doing clinicals, I have taken a two and a half hour nap Mon and Tues when I came home, and today I have been on the heating pad literally since four. I can just feel the muscles burning on my ribs, my sacrum, my shoulders,my traps and neck. I keep having to move the pad around to get the spots bothering me. I don't want anyone adjusting me, and the DO didn't do any of that. BUT, I just finished tearing and having a short cry. I did a search on the ins web site and there was no search result for Osteopath drs, accu, or chiros for our plan. I don't know what to do now. The pain dr didn't give me any other options other than the botox and that didn't work! He said that was all he could do. I can't do this!! I have seven more months of school and two days a week are spent ON THE FLOOR in clinicals. I don't lift bc of my restrictions of 25 pounds still but I tire so and my feet hurt, my neck hurts. I am afraid I will have to stop and I CAN'T! My mother doesn't understand. She is an RN and is still active on the floor doing patient care at 56. She has normal degenerative issues from nursing for 25 years, and can't understand that my pain is not normal pain and that NOT EVERYONE HAS IT! I am freakin' 28 years old! Hubby tries, and after only two and 1/2 years of marriage, he won't give me back rubs anymore. I have already drained him.
My only hope now is this new Ortho dr coming to town. My pain isn't horrible, it is just always there. Burning stupid muscles, stupid sciatica that comes on suddenly and leaves suddenly. There is nothing wrong with my spine or vertebrae. It is all muscular.
Now hubby has no sympathy for me and doesn't care-he just doesn't and just said it!!!he isn't suprised and said "what do you want me to do about it?" That is just what I needed-my husband saying it isn't a big deal.
Lets see, I do have a tens, but so many areas are sore I was constantly moving it around and it just became too much to work with. I got a little sore too, but I may have had it up too high that time. Anyway, I still have it. I didn't go to PT for my back but I did go for my shoulder and neck pain. They don't do massage- Hubby I think understands he just reacts in a harsh way, not necessarily meaning it the way it comes out. He meant he knew ins wouldn't pay for it-I don't know. I emailed the company just to be sure. I DON'T know if they'd cover visits to a DO or not. That would be my only option.
He had surgery before my fusion-pretty minor but he also has DDD in his back, though has not seen a dr about it in many many years, so it isn't a huge issue for him, and he also has arthritis. We are a pair let me tell ya. I am just so worried, but that is me, a worry wart. I can only imagine what I would be like if I weren't on an anti-anxiety!
Today was rough too, the muscles are just so tired and sore. My back is the least of my problems. It is from my bra line up. Well, I am open to any more suggestions. I think a big problem right now is the botox relaxing my neck to the point that my muscles strain to hold it up in a certain way. Sheesh, just when I think I have it figured out! :confused: