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I wish I could help in the neck area. I too had lumbar issues and had a fusion a year ago, and am doing wonderful. But the neck is another story and much harder in my mind to treat. See, I have a small bulge, one that most drs say should not be causing any pain. Mris also state some mild degeneration at other levels, but the drs don't comment on that, probably bc it is normal, but how normal for a 28 year old is beyond me. MRI also said spondylosis (which the drs will dx me with on their office visit info) and loss of lordosis. But no one has an answer as to why my traps are in a constant spasm. My neck muscles hurt too, as well as some knots and burning down the back of my rib cage and across the scapulas. I had a pinched nerve at one point, but it has resolved. I had epiderals and really, one worked, others did not. I had two episodes of physical therapy, one was for myofacial release. They were great until a few hours after and then everything would tighten up again. Last week I had an hour long massage focused on my neck and shoulders and felt awesome, until I got home and I wanted to turn around and go back again. Treatments just don't seem to last. I do have a TENS but there were so many areas that hurt, I had to keep moving the electrodes around. It was just too much. I needed a body suit!
My last option was Botox. I had it injected mostly in to the posterior of my neck and a couple into the traps. When I got my massage later the girl told me she couldn't believe how loose I was compared to the last visit. But, was it the botox or the fact that I hadn't been in class for two weeks? Sitting in the classroom for nine hours a day isn't great and I wasn't working during the week, so I had no stress really. I could sleep in, watch tv and do what I wanted. The traps were a little better, but still tight and knotted. NOw, the neck loosened up quite a bit. But, to me, it backfired. I got a little bit of the bobble head. Basically, picking the head up can be harder bc the muscles aren't able to be as strong anymore (does that make any sense?) So, the normal pain went away, but new came back. I can't hardly hold my head up when looking down! It hurts! LIke cleaning, reading a book, writing, eating, washing my face, spitting toothpaste out. So now the muscle hurts bc it has to work harder to hold my darn head up! So, that didn't work. I might consider having more in my traps and just ignoring the neck. I am to call the dr this month and let him know how it went and will bring that up to him. Otherwise, I am at a loss as to what to do. Really. I have done just about all I can do. If I thought or was told surgery might help, I'd consider it. But, it hasn't been offered and honestly, surgery on my neck scares me. Cut into my back all you want, but leave my neck alone! I don't know however if I have any thoracic issues, but I don't know that I want to venture down that road either. Basically I lay on a heating pad when I get home for most of the evening. That is about the only thing that helps. The relaxers put me to sleep and I don't thrash about, but they wear off before I get up and I hurt or am SORE first thing in the am, making me want to take an hour long hot shower.
I will be interested to see what others say. I have a thread going on right now about the same thing kinda, if you'd like to check it out. It is the "eating my words" thread.
I wish you all the best (and to all the rest of you) in this hard battle.