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[QUOTE=Janna Clair][FONT=Arial]Me Too, I'm also Interested in Radio-Frequency Denervation![/FONT]

I'm new to Bulletin Boards, so this may be Awkward, at first.
Due to the new Medicare changes, on Jan. 1st., 2006 I lost a good number of my Doctors, as I was forced to join an HMO...a third-class one, at that. But I digress! I've had problems with my Back since approx. 1998, or so. At first, it interfered mostly with some of my Yoga Asanas (Postures); it was mild Back pain, and I could Stand up approx. 1/2 hr. at a time, and it interfered only moderately, with my Life, (I had already stopped Performing by then--I used to be a Musician--and thus only rarely carried heavy things. Back Physical Therapy, did very little, and even after the Treatment I could not return to Yoga. i slowly became less and less mobile, as the pain increased, and by 2000, I was given a Wheelchair, and a Shower Chair, plus had an M.R.I., and had an Epidural Steroid Shot. That was the worst thing I, (in my particular case) could've done. I went from 10 minutes standing up time, to 1 minute standing up,,,just like that!!! The same Doctor suggested I have my L-4 & L-5 Vertebrae Fused. I thought: This Doctor just made me lose 9 minutes standing up time, and now he want to fuse my Vertebrae??? Huh! Huh!!!! I went to get a Second Opinion, from a Neurosurgeon, who found problems with sensation on my lower Extremeties. He sent me to a Physiatrist, to have Velocity and Electrical Studies done. At first, the Dx was: Peripheral Neuropathy, but a month later, on second Tests, the P.N. was gone, and to my knowledge, never returned. Frustrated, and in terrible Pain, I went to a Neurologist, who tested my Brain, and found me to have Aphasias, and A.D.D., but found nothing on my Back. In Desperation, I went to Johns Hopkins to see an Orthopedic Specialist, who also took M.R.I.s, and sent me home, telling me they couldn't do anything for me. By then, I was already a Patient at a local Pain Clinic, and taking up to 40 Mg. Oxycontin/day. I didn't like the Hallucinatory Side Effects, and we searched for alternatives. I was given a TENS Unit, and w/in 9 Months, my Skin no longer responded to its stimulation. I was also doing mild Aquatic Exercises, (for Seniors, I'm 51). Eventually, after an insane Hospital Nurse refused to give me my Oxycontin when it was time to take it, while i was at the Hospital, for an unrelated thing, I went back to my Pain Dr., and asked for something else. He put me on the Duragesic Patch, which starting at 25µcg/72 Hrs. (3 days patches), quickly moved past 50 up to 100 µcg Patch, every 3 days, ( also wear a Orthopedic Brace. Not the flimsy stuff you see people not wearing at places like Home Depot, or Target, but the kind one wears under one's Clothes because it's big, and very, very Visible, (I don't like for people to treat me like an Invalid, although, thankfully, I DO have a Disabled License Plate, and for about 2 years, I was pretty much Wheelchair-bound. But then my husband accidentally broke the W/H Hook in my Chair-Lift, and so I just use my Walker, and sit a lot.
At present, the Duragesic Patches and the Lidoderm Patches, along with the Brace, and Compounded Rx Ketoprofen Topical Cream, for Breakthrough Pain, (and a LOT of Dirty Looks from e-v-e-r-y- new Family Doctor I go to, when they have to keep me on the Duragesic Patch, and frequent allusions to the "Addictiveness of these Drugs...(to Junkies, perhaps, but the only thing I'm a Junkie of is NO P-A-I-N!!!)...AND SO ON...has made it increasingly Stressfull and Difficult to Continue in this Treatment I want something more Permanent, and non-Drug-oriented. Trouble is: my new 3rd-rate Doctor, at a 3rd-Rate Clinic, (for people like me...on Disability, and thus Poor...) wanted to send me to a third-rate Pain Clinic, I've been to before, who I happen to know are VERY Anti-Drug, and believe in Will-Power...Tomorrow!!! I'm Desperate! I need Help!!! I've just heard of this --Potentially no-drug-involved/more Permanent Treatment called "Radio-Frequency Denervation," and though hopeful, I'm stuck in this 3rd-rate Medicare+Extra Help (i.e. Medicaid) HMO, which'll probably require me to have all types of Proof of need, just like they've Stopped me cold on Neurontin, (for the Nerves on the Spine), this week, and are demanding all sorts of Do***entation as to Why I'm even taking it...One thing I can't understand. I'm a very well-versed person, when it comes to my HealthCare, and particularly my Back, (although I gave up on it, for a couple of years), IF this Treatment has been around, as the lit says, since the late 1970s. How Come I've never heard of it? And how come I had to hear about it in the local News? And not from my Doctors??? Can someone enlighten me about this?

Is this the possiblility of a Normal Life, again? Being able to resume Yoga? Being able to wear clothing a size smaller, since I may not have to wear this Brace? And if the MRIs don't show the disk too far out off the Spine, then how come the Brace helps my Back Pain so much, that I was able to cut my Pain Meds in Half, upon putting it on 4 years ago?

If M.R.I.s are so good ("It's better than Exploratory Surgery..." I'm told by a Specialist), then why doesn't it show the problem, and what pray tell me IS my problem? For awhile there, the symptoms I had made me believe I had ALS. Perhaps that would've been better, if it was true. ! No! I'm not Depressed! I'm just Fed-up with False Hopes. I'm fed up with this Pain. I've even had to begin Therapy with a Social Worker Therapist, to be able to deal with the Pain, and 2 years ago, I took up Painting, for the same reason...Help!!! Anything out there, I haven't heard before? Any Treatment my Insurance will actually COVER, other than just keep Drugging me??? :confused:
I can relate- my insurance doesn't even bat an eye at my medications, which are fentanyl, percocet, valium, elavil and cymbalta... But trying to get them to cover anything else is like pulling teeth. I'm currently waiting on a decision on botox. I have also been considered for a rhizotomy, and since I'm NOT improving with the new therapy I've been doing- which was chiropractic. I wish I had never gone there, all they do is badmouth my doctors, but they haven't done a thing to help with my pain. I have a post called newbie please read about the battle I've gone through, with my neck, back and shoulders. I can relate to the frusteration. I, too have sought out help from a pain psychologist, though I won't see him until next Friday. I can completely sympathize with you, no one can actually articulate a diagnosis for me. All I want to do is scream sometimes, I get so frusterated. Hope you're doing ok, I would love some feedback from my post if you get a chance. Otherwise, take it easy, and go one day at a time. I've only been posting for a day or two but I can see already the care on this board. We can help each other out!