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it seems so redundant to keep writing my story and what I have gone through, but maybe this can help. First, you'll need to see a dr. They'll do an Xray and MRI most likely. Then, they'll want to send you to PT probably, depending of course on what the problem is. My feet HURT ALL THE TIME! I have the same muscles in spasm except I have no issues breathing. My pecs are horribly tight though. I get burning pain in between the ribs. I can't hold my head in a forward position. My traps are rock hard and I have knots all the way down. I did have a two level fusion last year of my lumbar spine, but this doesn't feel the same as that. I do have an increase of sciatica but that could be my lack of exercise too. I have a small herniation in my neck that THEY say can't be causing the problem, but I don't fit with any other typical spine issues. I tried PT two times already this year, Botox, TENS, pain meds, heat whatever. I can barely be upright for a whole eight hours, and CANNOT without taking pain meds. I fatigue so badly I get home and lay down on a heating pad the remainder of the night. And I am not kidding. Four to ten, lying down. I can't muster the energy to work out.
I saw a specialist in Fibro and I don't have that. MY pain isn't horrible when you touch those spots, instead I want a deep tissue massage. Plus, It isn't general fatigue and pain. This is localized to my spine, knees, feet neck and hips. I saw one of our DO's at work and he said I was just one huge knot and could work on me for three hours. He did some pulling and turning (gently, not like a chiro) and it felt so much better! My foot pain went away the next day and was pretty much gone for a month. The next time though, I didn't have as good of results. See I am in nursing school and I am suprised I can do all I am doing-within an hour my entire upper body is burning and aching. Heck, my traps start spasming and pulling up the minute I get into my car. Reading and writing is a challenge. I can only be on the computer as long as I do bc I have a laptop and can lie down and type.
I so wish I could help you. I have no idea what is going on with myself, much less anyone else. OH, I do have plantar facitis. There are shoes and inserts you can try to ease the pain in the meantime. They are called softsol inserts, I have the red ones and you can get them in most shoe stores incl athletic stores. If you see a dr, let me know what they say. I sure would like to know too, and just know you are not the only one. I am only 28 and have had problems now since 1999. My upper back, bad only for a little over a year.