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When My son was born he was rushed to the Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto for a blood clot in the main artery in his right arm. They decided to do an MRI to determine if there were any other blood clots they also did a CT scan. They then told me that my baby had extensive brain damage and they did some Evoked potentials and an eeg to see what brain activity there was. The only one that came out normal was the auditory evoked potential everything else, visual sensory was all abnormal or non existent. They told me that it was highly likely he wouldn't live and had my husband and I sign a do not resesitate order :eek: . He is our first and currently only child we were so confused :confused: . I had a good pregnancy. He started off having trouble sucking to feed. Once he learned to drink the bottle on his own we were released from the Hospital. When he was 6 months old we were told he'd live a long life. He was Diagnosed with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, and we were told he was legally blind and would be develpmentally delayed, the best we could hope for was a mentality of a 5yr old. As you can imagine we were crushed. as time went on we had another eeg which showed he was having seizures and he had pretty bad acid reflux from day one. we were given medications for each of these and were told to keep an eye on how many seizures he was having per day, We could never tell when he was having one as they are so small and unnoticable unless you really know what you are looking for. When he was a year old our paediatrician said that it was fairly safe to say he had spastic quad. cp and this opened doors for us interms of equipment, funding, services etc. To this day we have no idea what happened. But we have been told that because he is doing better with trunk control, head control and standing in a standing frame he may walk with a special walker that will help hold him up. He will walk on occaision as long as I am holding him. He can't sit unassisted, he can't talk he just makes a few sounds, not really even bable. He just started to smile more and gigle about 4 months ago and he is now about 2 1/2 years old. He is still up several times throughout the night and 6 hours of sleep is all he needs or wants some nights. Makes for long days and nights. We now have to have dental surgery to fix his teeth and to help with the muscle tightness in his hamstrings we have to get Botox injections. This will help prevent surgery to relieve muscle tightness. Dominick eats and drinks well but he eats pureed foods and still drinks from a bottle as a sippy cup is too fast for him. He rolls over on occasion but it's more his tone that he uses to roll over and not him trying. You daughter sounds close to my son without the blindness or the developmental delay. She sounds like she is more aware of her surroundings than my boy. I am usually on the board off and on so keep me up-to-date on your daughters progress I would like to keep in touch. We can compare notes on what our kids are doing. :)