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I think at this point it is hard to say that you'll even need surgery. You will have to go through all the steps to try and help this situation before surgery especially for your age. I had a hard time getting help for my lumbar spine when I was twenty four! I have a herniation at C5-6. At one time I had a pinched nerve but that has since been better. It has been over a year since it started and I am still trying to figure out what to do. I had a two level fusion in December 2004 and am doing great. But, I am all muscle spasms from my waist up with pain in my knees and feet. Here is what I have done, in no special order:
PT, ESI, Traction, steroids, TENS, BOTOX, massage, heat. I have taken NSAIDS and Acetaminophen which neither help. I take percocet and that is okay. I also have to take zanaflex every night to sleep. I got a script for Ultram today. You might check into prescription non narcotic meds and other possible medications and what not. You don't have just the option of that drug that you are allergic too.
I have had xrays, EMGs, and TWO MRIS of my neck and we are still at a stand still. I am going to post regarding my drs visit today, you are more than welcome to check it out. You are young and they will do all they possibly can to correct this problem without surgery. and if they don't, I'd run as fast away from them as possible. I have no problem with drs cutting into my low back, but a serious issue with them doing the same with my neck!
I wish you all the best. Seek specialist advice, get two or three if you need to. Don't just rely on your primary if possible.
Melissa (MEL) ;)