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i would really stay away from ANY type of actual injections til you know for sure just what in the heck is causing this to occur.botox,while great for certain symptoms,also has its drawbacks just like any other treatment options for just about any illness or condition.

did his doc give you any clues as to what is actually CAUSING this to happen?I for the life of me cannot actually remember right now(really sorry) but there IS a condition that the blinking eyes is a definite symptom of.it could be what the above poster mentioned but I do think it was something else.my aunt does the eye thing almost constantly too.but of course,I cannot actually remember why.just try researching the actual eye twitching itself(googling?) and it should bring you some better info that way.

but the big thing here is to not do ANYTHING til you know for sure just what you are dealing with and researched the best possible treatments for the specific condition.when you just start treating symptoms without knowing the actual cause of them,this in itself can cause you more problems down the road,believe me.i would also do some more in depth research on botox itself and see all of the benefits Vs possible reactions/contraindications.I do hope this is just a phase that does not require any treatment at all.just educate yourself thoroughly before letting any doc actually DO anything to your child.

You are your childs advocate.he is looking to you to try and make the best possible medical decisions for him.educating and researching as you are doing now,really IS the best possible thing you can do for him.Please keep us posted,K? good luck,FB
Definitely do not submit to botox injections. Take your son to a neurologist. It could be childhood ticks or it could be tourettes. I have tourettes. it took 3 years to diagnose me. To give treatment without a definite diagnoses I would never take my child back to that doctor again.