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The quad muscles are opposite from the hamstrings (in the same place just on different sides of the leg). When you're walking or whatever, when the hamstrings relax, the quads tighten. I dunno exactly why the quads spasm...My guess is, the brains of people with CP aren't used to the hamstrings being so loose after surgery so it tries to make up for it by tightening the opposite muscle. But, that's just a guess :). Is your surgeon not very familiar with CP?

Before my surgery my doctor mentioned that spasms can be pretty bad, but that they just recently discovered that putting botox into the hamstrings during the surgery stops spasms from happening. So they did that for me and I only had spasms for 3-4 days before the Botox took effect. I guess that's not an option for you now though...just try to hang in there!

I was also told that sometimes during the surgery the sciatic nerve can be affected because they're both in the same area, and that it takes a year for that to go away. Maybe that's something to ask the doctor about?