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Hi Longview,
I had this too when I was in my teens, starting around 13 or 14 as I remember. I'd sweat so much it would just run right down my arms. I'm under the impression it can be related to hormones. Although I think it could be dependent on other factors too, such as sweat glands themselves.
Have you had a physical? May want to do that just to rule out any underlying issues.
I found the only deodorant that helped me when I had the problem was Mitchum. But that was years ago and I don't know if the ingredients are still the same.
I've also heard they've used botox for really extreme cases. It may just even out for you in time. Be careful of the clothing you wear also. Try to keep with breathable fabrics like cotton and natural fibers. Stay away from spandex, nylons, etc.