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Hi my name is Jarrad. I have mild Cerebral Palsy that mostly affects my left side so I can walk and talk it's just mainly the pysical part that takes it out of me. When I was six I had major hip surgery and I've had surgery on my left foot and I've had tendon realeases. I used to use a K-walker until year six and I also use a wheelchair for long distances. When I was little I tried to use crutches but I didn't have the balance for them. I live in Australia in a little mining town called Newman. I go to a mainstream school and most of the kids at my school don't have disabilties. I am about to have Botox in my left arm. I started doing weights in year 7 to improve my stamina and just recently I have taken up boxing training to improve my balance. Sports is ok but not really that fun sometimes because all the other kids just pass it to each other but not to you. My main hobbies are sport, watching movies, games and going out.

Jarrad , Australia