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I feel like I have-I wish more people had good things to say about them. I have my share of complaints, but can't say they are BAD. I am much better off than I would have been and stronger too. Each surgery is unique and no two surgeries are ever the same or have the same outcomes. I know what I had going for me-so I was sure I'd turn out ok. My only complaint is tightness at the surgery site-can't stretch those muscles anymore and they hurt sometimes, but nothing like before. I wish I could get my muscle tension under control though. I am thinking about Botox again, but lower in my spine. Last time it went all the way up to the base of my head, but I think I want to start in my traps. I just don't know how low I can go. Gotta do some research. Any one had luck with muscle tension treatments?
Have tried: PT, TENS, muscle relaxers, narcs (happy to say I don't take them anymore, finally almost two years post op), NSAIDS, Ultram (the only med that helps me function), BOTOX, trigger inj with lidocain, baths, heating pads, tennis balls. I need to work out again, but I am sleeping 12-14 hours a day (home from work 12am, up til two or three, sleep tiil two. I can't for my life get up (though I am awakened 1/2 a dozen times).
Anyway, it is late now and I am rambling on my threads, sorry. I am gonna do some reading here and see if there is anyone that I can help.