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I had an endoscopic brow lift and Contour threads done to raise my brows last year. I had no idea I would be spending around $5000 for results that only lasted a month or two. I had 2 - 3 revision surgeries.... to raise the brows back up, but also to try to get rid of the bulging lines under my forehead skin! Yes, you heard me right! Bulging lines can be seen under my skin. Also it depends on the lighting. I requested the Dr to remove them and he said he did, but they are still there and he lied. He told me it was "scar tissue". Also, my brows are back down and I look angry again. He also said he clipped the muscle inbetween the brows so I couldn't pull them together. Well, guess what? I can pull them together again like I never had surgery. I didn't think I'd get the surgery done AND still have to get botox. He also did Vaser lipo on my chest, love handles and neckline and said that new procedure would remove a lot of fat. Ok, why does it look like I never had the lipo? More money wasted! Is there a reputable cosmetic surgeon out there who doesn't dismiss you once the money is gone and when the results don't match the promises he made before you spent your money? Also, personal injury lawyers won't touch this because they said the return on the money wouldn't be good enough. Basically, I am screwed!