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You know for 2 yrs before my tmj started a crown on my left canine hurt constantly after being replaced. The endo retreated it and said it was fine afterwards so I asked the dentist at the time to replace it again - I would pay - and he refused. The tmj dr I am now seeing said that chronic pain in the mouth from any tooth can start the ball rolling for muscular tmj so it should have been removed - left alone for a couple of weeks and if the pain went away then a new temp should have been tried.

I agree that your crown should be redone - or do what this guy suggested I should have done - leave it off for a couple of days to see if the pain goes away entirely.

I also went to a neurologist - he was expensive - did an EMG and MRIs and basically offered no help at all - probably b/c this is not the norm of what they treat - I don't know. The tmj dentist does want to try a mixture of novacaine and muscle relaxer injections on one of my muscles under my tongue but it scares me to be numb there so I told him only as a last resort. I did try trigger point injections of liacaine and did not see much relief - after they wore off the pain returned. But I was thinking of trying the botox injections the dr at Columbia recommended - although my tmj dentist said he hadn't done much research on their benefits.

I stopped the Chiro treatments only b/c my back teeth had been filed down so no matter how much they aligned me and massaged and so forth within a a couple days I was back in for another adjustment. I may start again now that I am wearing the splints.

It is very frustrating - today is just as bad as last night - I have a massive migraine, all my teeth hurt, my neck hurts and everthing sounds LOUD - I went to do the food shopping and had to leave b/c the sale annoucements over the loud speaker were killing me!