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They took my daughter out of PT today. Why? I don't know. I'm still wiping away the tears because I'm scared and mad. First off - she's right spastic hemi cp. She has had two heel cord surgeries. The head PT at the school HATES it that we put so much faith in our surgeon and don't let him call all the shots. We've bumped heads since my daughter was 5. Her actual PT is an angel and was crying at the meeting because she was losing sis. She is truly an angel but this guy. :mad: They say there's nothing else they can do for her because she's reached a plateau. Thank God she has but ISN'T this what our goal was??? SO NOW YOU DROP HER? ELLO???? I tried to explain with CP you have to keep the muscles stretched out or they can contract again and it's back to the drawing board. He tries to use big words - we all know them, dorsilflexion is one of his favorite. He thinks he's a doctor and I'm sorry HE'S NOT! He tried telling me she had paralysis. I said, no she doesn't and laughed. Then, he said - well, the actual terminology for the 'lay' person is pare...pare...(he couldn't say it) so I butted in and said - the word you're looking for is paresis. (I hope I spelled it right...but doggoneit I knew how to say it! She has right, spastic hemi paresis cerebral palsy. :dizzy: He didn't say a word. He said it was up to her father and I to continue the maintenance program at home for if it fails and she regresses, there's no one to blame but ourselves. :mad: Stupid people should not be allowed to even leave their homes on some days. All in all - he's mad because she's not using an AFO right now. Her Ped Ortho surgeon said let her go 6 months without it. Continue stretching, continue PT - lets see. THE LIGHT IN THAT CHILD'S eyes to get to go to school if even for 6 months WITHOUT the brace was UNBELIEVABLE. I wish I could've bottled it up she was so happy. But the PT didn't agree and said in his letter 4 times she should be in an AFO. The Dr. told me it's somtimes a guessing game with CP and I believe in him....and with everything we've 'tried' what we're doing now is working. I'm sure a few of you agree on the guess game comment. You do what you can to get those other muscles to work or relax or whatever the case may be. But, the PT said - I cannot imagine you would put so much faith into a man who said your daughter's ability to walk correctly or not is simply a guessing game. I said nothing and realized it is probably BEST for her not to have to deal with this idiot, I said - it's better than putting faith into a man that doesn't understand cerebral palsy and when he isn't getting any more results hurries up and drops the kid so the failure won't be put upon him. Then I asked, where I should sign. They all tried to sugar coat it, but I'm her mom... It's my JOB to worry that the last 7 years of PT, Botox, continuous stretching, AFO's, Castings and Surgeries will go straight down the drain because of one IDIOT. I spoke to her doctor, he said to walk away and don't fight it. He's ignorant and my daughter will be better off without him. If you're still reading my rant, thanks for letting me vent. Now, I feel better.