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thank you thank you!
Sometimes just typing woes can make a difference. LUCKY for me my issue was hip tightness-I went to a massage therapist and she worked out my hips for me and I felt SO MUCH BETTER. All that main discomfort went away. I mean, it makes sense-hips and muscles in the hamstrings and glutes get tight, they pull on the spine and the fusion which can't MOVE and bend with the rest of me making things irritated and inflammed. I did sleep on the couch that night and felt so great in the am, til I crawled into my bed and it started again, also showing the the flatness pulled on my hips and pelvis causing the strain on my lumbar spine.
I didn't say either, that over this past spring I was able to come off narcotics 100% since my surgery. I do have a bottle of percocet just sitting in my room-I keep it just in case (like that ten hour car ride hubby wants to take from MO to New Orleans). So really, I am a success and any other day except during last week, I'd tell you that.
My hubby reminded me how much pain I was in. He said I popped two percs every four hours just to get through my day. OH YEAH...... I forgot.
I think my woe is just getting a handle on this pain that is chronic and learning to accept it. I do think much is depression-and that the cymbalta would benefit me greatly-or atleast to try. I want to go ahead and try botox again in my lumbar spine to help relax those and my traps as well. I need to make two new year's resolutions
1) I have to do strength stuff after work, or make myself get UP and do them before work and
2) I have to STRETCH STRETCH STRETCH my hamstrings and BUTT. Some how I have to find the inner strength and push myself to do these things. I am taking my zanaflex again and I think I am sleeping better. For two nights I haven't taken my ultram on schedule and am okay-sore more than usual, but not HORRIBLE. I will still take that for a while though.
Thank you all-
I wish I could help now-for the bulge question: The decision for my surgery was not bc I had two NEW bulges and a spur, but bc the discogram showed my discs were just no good and were the cause of my pain. If it were just the bulges, we would have done steroids and rest I am sure. Maybe injections or something. I don't know. I had a bulge in my neck, guess it is still there, but we are doing nothing with it. I had apinched nerve, that is gone so now I just have chronic muscle tension in my shoulders and under my shoulder blades-it sucks but that is what I will try the botox for.
The worst thing is: I KNOW what I am supposed to do to help my situation get better, and the new year's resolutions are the answer-plus the ultram is great. If I can get off it even a little or cut down that would be great-but then again, in my profession it may just be better for me to keep taking it-preventative measures.
I want to type more, but my eye hurts ( I have a pinguecula in my right eye, gets sore when I am tired and it dries out a little) Gotta finish "finding Nemo" and laundry, then off to bed.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone-I get to work,but that is okay-I don't mind.