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I had short leg casts for the achilles, and casts from my thigh to my ankle (not covering my feet) for the hamstrings. They wanted me to walk around as much as possible with the hamstrings, so as not to loose too much muscle. However, I couldn't bend my knees, so it was impossible to go up stairs, and my dad had to carry me. I'm not sure if you'd be able to since you'll have different casts.

Both surgeries have helped me stand straighter and walk better (I use a walker/wheelchair). Maybe it's too late since you scheduled your surgery, but you should ask if your doctor is planning on using Botox in conjunction with the lengthening (putting this into the muscle that is cut)...they did not do this with me with the achilles, and the spasms afterward were honestly very painful. But for the hamstrings they did, and I only had spasms for a few days till the Botox kicked in. (Lengthening spastic muscles causes the opposite muscle to kinda freak out and spasm for a while, if you haven't had lenthening before.)

I strongly recommend going to aquatherapy if you can when you get the casts off (PT in a pool). It helps rebuild the muscles after surgery faster than doing it on "land" because of the added resistance. Your muscles will be weak after the casts-- you may actually need more help then than you will right after surgery.

Good Luck, let me know how it goes.

So how long did it take you to recover after the casts came off. The doctor has warned me that I may be on crutches for a while. I will have access to a pool but don't know if I will have aqua therapy. Maybe I can do exercises in there on my own. I have read about the botox injections and need to talk to the surgeon about it. Unfortunately he is out of the country.

From what the surgeon tells me the splints on my knees for the hamstring are removable so that I can bend my legs somewhat. I guess I don't really know what to expect afterwards. All I know is that is that it should make me better :). How long did take to regain all your strength? I guess that is my main concern is getting back to my independent lifestyle as soon as possible.
I had spams while the casts were on, not after. But they did the botox with me so that lasted only a few days.

Therapy was ok I guess, I did water therapy which was more fun than regular. Getting around and doing things I could do before was hard for a while because I was weak.