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hello my son is almost 2 with spastic quad cp. when levi is pulled into the standing position he stands on his toes as well. i had had it explained as one of those newborn reflexes that stay around with cp. my son still has the grasp reflex in both of his hands and is appsolutely terrified of hospitald beds and has a raelly bad starler feflex as well: he gets scared really easy and is quite upset for a while after something scares him . levi can sit playing for a few mins then it is like he is a tree being chopped down he just falls i know thats a weird way to explain it but that is what it is like he will just fall sideways and not even relise untill he is crying to get back up. my son has been given his first pair of AFOs to use while in his standing frame to help with the toe curling but he still fights against the AFOs and curls his toes still. is he stiff in the upper part of his legs at all maybe botox could help further down the track. but he sounds like he is doing well so keep up the incouragement and the good work