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hello my son is due to get botox this april could anyone explain the differences that it has made in your childs life? has it helped or not??
Botox has made a huge difference for our son. It is definitely worth doing.

Make sure the doctor giving the botox has a good relationship for your child's PT. It is not an exact science, and there needs to be a constant back and forth and how it is working and where it should go.

Also, our son receives Versed (like Valium) before each botox treatment. It helps him forget the treatment so he does not stress about it when it is coming up. I recommend it.

The treatment is very painful. Holding Patrick down while he gets those shots is one of the hardest things we have had to go through as parents. But the Botox has really worked wonders. So even though we have to pay out of pocket for it, we do it.
botox has been wonderful for our daughter also. She gets it about every 6 mos. Our ortho surgeon is just wonderful. He sprays numbing stuff on Megs and she has never flinched when she rec'd the botox. For her it hasn't been painful. She usually gets 14 injections. 4 or 5 in each arm and 2 in each shin area. The numbing spray really makes a HUGE difference. The muscles that Megs gets hers in aren't real deep muscles either. That may make a difference in the pain. Will your child be casted or splinted after botox? Our daughter has arm splints that were made by the OT/PT and they help alot.
Good luck. If you have more questions feel free to ask.
its really strange how different countrys are in the way they do medical proceedures here in australia botox is not available in the arms which is big disapointment for our son is more affected in the arms then the legs. also our son will be going under general anestetic for the proceedure. we arnt sure about casting afterwards for because levi is so weak in all mucsles but he is high toned we have been explained that it could have an worse affect for wards his strengh so i think the first time will be a trial and error try. also we live in hervey bay australia and our hospitak does not do any treatments so inn the last year we have had to travell a great number of times to brisbane which is 3 1/2 hours away just to even see an eye specialist, to have a barrium swallow, to see a cerebral palsy peadiatrician, a respotory team to have corrective eye surgery. and now botox so its hard to form a close relationship with specialists when where you live dont have any its really frustrating and upsetting.