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Hello my name is Jenny. I recently switched to a new orthopedic physician and he seems to believe that I would be a good candidate for the Botox treatment. I have tried to research it, but it seems as if all the research is on children. Has any of it been on adults? In addition, does anyone know a location that does the injections on adults? I can only locate childrens hopsitals. Any help or advice on the subject would be appreciated...

I know a lot of adults that get botox at children's hospitals. When I was going through the process (I was never actually approved for the injections) it was all at a children's hopsital.
Hi i'm new on here I'm 23 and i only started having botox last year and i find it really works. i even started walking a few steps without any crutches!! I was also thinking about switching orth consultant. Cos am not getting anywhere with mine. how did u go about it?