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Okay, so I am trying to better myself physically and it is challenging after Fusion. Can't really do Yoga or Pilates as well with the limited ROM of my lumbar spine. I watch T-VO now so I don't like to watch aerobic videos anymore. the treadmill actually strains my low back some and I stay away from elipticals. SO, thought I found a great machine. The Gazelle. Well, while I loved it from day one, on day three I couldn't bend AT ALL. I HURT at my fusion and I had never hurt there before! We thought maybe it was work related, so I didn't get on that night. The next night I felt, well, better. So I hopped on then after ten mins my hips started to hurt, and my waist. I figured it out-too much. You see, it makes the pelvis rotate-and when you are fused, there IS NO rotation there. So it was putting a lot of strain there. I was bummed out. We had to return it. I check with the Physical Therapist at work and she 100% agreed with me that the Gazelle was to blame and she said that a recumbant bike is the BEST machine for me. So, I wanted to pass that along in case any of you are wanting to work out. I am mad right now though bc I can't get my work out ball to work with the pump-VERY MAD!!!:mad:
So, started on Cymbalta and I think it really is helping. Been on for two weeks and a few times I haven't needed even my Ultram.......Keeping fingers crossed (in my line of work, there will always be some discomfort though)
Bummed to realize I will need either a re-do down the road of my fusion or another level will be fused. I hadn't really thought about that when I had my surgery. I mean, it wouldn't have changed my mind, but to do it again-man, the first time was rough and I am 29 now, 26 then can't imagine in 15-20 years having another level done! Oh well.
Still haven't gotten botox in my muscles. I have been working the knots out when I go to bed by lying on a tennis ball and moving around on it til the knot "breaks". Man, anyone know what kind of pain that is? You know, you put immense pressure on a certain spot (on the shoulder blade, just under it, on a back rib....) and not only does the pain get intense there, but it travels all the way up the shoulder area, into the neck. Man! The tennis ball will be in one spot, say just under my shoulder blade and it runs the whole way up and I can put additional pressure on say the traps and that is also intense! Is it nerves??? Is the whole dang muscle line messed up?? I have got to get out of bed early enough tomorrow to run by this doc's office. Sheesh, I love my bed though-especially in this crappy cold weather!
Well, just wanted to Chat a little. Hope you are ALL doing well. I am a happy fusion-ist, so if anyone has questions, please ask! I don't know everything (duh, no one does) but I have some good suggestions and ideas :)