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I am 27 years old. I have CP that affects my legs and my right arm. A year ago, I developed a problem in my left knee. My kneecap pops out periodically when I bend my knee or when I put weight on that leg. I was told that this happens because my hamstrings and IT band are tight. The ortho surgeon said that Botox injections may help for the short term. What happens during the injection procedure? What should I expect during the weeks/months after the procedure?

Any information is appreciated.

I had botox in my hamstrings when it was just beginning to be used. As I recall, my doctor put five shots into each of my legs in different places. I think after I had it they started knocking kids out for it; I don't know if your doctor will do that.

I had to go to PT, and my hamstrings got much looser. The effect wears off after a time though, maybe three months?

Hope that helped a little
I read somewhere that it doesn't work after awhile. I am hoping the Botox can be a short term solution until I can have the hamstring lengthening surgery (which my ortho said is inevitable). I have my first appointment with the doctor who would do the injections on Feb. 26. I am just rather nervous because, aside from PT, I have never had any CP related procedures done...
I'd have to agree, hamstring surgery isn't "bad," all things considered...except for wearing big casts that make it hard to get around!

Are you waiting for insurance, time off work, something like that to do the surgery? Because if you're just putting it off, I'd say do the surgery and get it over with if it's inevitable anyway. Although one round of Botox wouldn't hurt, it would show you what you'd be like after surgery. That's why my dr. did it, to see what my results would be from lengthening.
Right now, I don't have insurance of any kind, so finances are the main reason why I am not looking into the hamstring lengthening first. If I had insurance, I would have looked into the surgery back in October when it was recommended. Over the past month, my hamstring spasms and my knee pain have gotten worse, so that is why Botox was strongly recommended. I am also falling more now than I ever did before.

I am sorry that I am rambling. It just feels good to talk about these things with others who understand what it is like.
Hi Ozfan,

I received botox injections in my right inner thigh for 1-2 years (can't remember exact length of time). I stopped getting them after I opted to get a baclofen pump put in.

From what I remember of the procedure, my Dr. "measured" the amount of my spasticity in my right leg using a device that translated electrical muscle impulses into sound. (It felt like he was "sticking" me with a needle when he was isolating heavily spastic muscles.) Once he isolated those muscles, he gave me approximately 2-3 injections.

They did work, and decreased my pronation. I got them every three months, but the effect wore off about 2 weeks before the next injection was due, and it took maybe a week for me to fully feel the effects.