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Hello Folks: I am new and have been reading quite a bit on the healthboards for the last couple of weeks. I have attempted to post but I've been having a bit of trouble, so here it goes. I will attempt again.
My husband was injured 14 years ago. Lately things have been worsening. He injured himself landing on his coccyx. MRI's, CAT Scans and Mileograms don't seem to show much other than a narrowing at the base of the spine. The doctors have made it clear that they know he is in pain but cannot help. He is on heavy medications, and chooses to continue working because the alternative has been too depressing.
Lately the pain is worse, he is experiencing not just the buttocks pain, and pain down his leg but his calf muscles are full of knots. He sees a Deep tissue massage therapist and she has told him after seeing him for two months every week that something is wrong and she cannot help. His legs now shake, and his buttocks muscles are spasming. He sleeps little because of the constant pain. The other thing is he experiences is a ripping out of his heel. Does anyone else have similar problems? And have you heard of botox injections in your buttocks to relax the muscle? Please respond we are desperate.