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I can't believe I have been trolling the net to find some boards on CP for ages and finally stumbled on this...fantastic!! I have a 3 year old son with CP and am always looking for ideas on things to do. I have a question for anyone out there. The time has come for us to start looking at wheelchairs as my son is getting too big for his stroller. Can anyone recommend some good brands? He doesn't need a tilt one. Karim has spastic diplegia and his abilities are sitting, pulling to stand with furniture, can walk with walker. I noticed from the boards that Levismum, your son is scheduled in for botox in April. Karim is as well at Royal childrens, Brisbane. For Karim this treatment is number 2, he went brilliant last October but had a growth spurt shortly after injection so the effectiveness was reduced a bit. If you'd like to chat let me know.
I know the feeling aout searching for the boards, everyone here seems to have great information as well. My son is turning 4 next week and he got his wheelchair in august, it is an invanacare brand, with a comet frame and a j-fit system for the seart, back support and straps. It is fabulous!!! Very comfortable, washable, and we also got extensions for the handles (a must have). Manuvers great, but you do have to take it all apart to put in a small area, is not a fold and go wheelchair. But they do have them. Jesse can crawl, and is just starting to stand with assistance. He just got approved for botox as well, we are waiting to hear when, ours will be at Oakland Childrens Hospital, CA. Good luck with the chair.